Startup Formation

One of the many services we offer startups is assisting with the business formation. Our startup lawyers will guide you through the process of incorporating and organizing your corporate structure.


Incorporate and Prepare Corporate Records

We can help you incorporate federally or provincially, with named or numbered corporations. We will then prepare your corporate records to elect your directors, appoint officers and issue shares.


Structure Your Startup

If necessary, we can plan for future equity investment in a cap table and help you incentivize founders and employees with share vesting or stock options.


Shareholders Agreement

Do you need to set up governing rules for your company? We can help you draft your shareholder agreements with co-founders.


IP Assignment

We will help you transfer IP after you’ve been incorporated.

Shareholders Agreements

If your company has more than one shareholder, you might consider entering into a shareholders’ agreement. A shareholders’ agreement is an agreement between the shareholders of a company. Its purpose is to protect the shareholder’s investment in the company, to establish a fair relationship between the shareholders and govern how the company is run.

We can help all those who come together with the common goal of growing a business with a shareholders’ agreement.

Terms and Conditions
& Privacy Policy

Customize agreements that are specific to your business and industry.

Website and app ‘terms of use’ are contracts entered into between a website owner and its users. The privacy policy will describe how a website collects, uses and discloses user information. The advantage of using one of our Startup Lawyers to draft your terms of use and privacy policy is that the documents will be specific to your website and/or app and particular business. A lawyer will be able to draft these documents in a way that protects your business at the time of drafting and as it develops in the future, providing you with the time to focus on growing your business.

From Tech, E-Commerce to Mobile Games, we will prepare terms that place appropriate restrictions on users, sharing of data, return policies, and other important considerations.


We advise on every aspect of your startup including the fundraising process. Whether you are in the start-up phase soliciting investment from family friends or an established business look for access to venture capital or private equity, our team can assist.
While we have worked with several businesses who have bootstrapped their business, many come to us to with hopes to raise funds at some point during their lifecycle. Our team of lawyers can assist you with financing transactions including: debt financing, equity financing, venture capital financing, private placements and bridge loans.

Volume discounts available!