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Have you recently lost your job? Our lawyers are here to help you negotiate your severance. We also offer access to resources to help you succeed in future employment.

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We will work with you to review your severance package and help you resolve your dispute and get you what you’re owed.


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We help you negotiate your severance pay, wrongful dismissal, harassment, constructive dismissal, disability, layoffs and more.


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Our lawyers also assist in litigation to ensure our clients receive their proper legal entitlements in each and every case under federal and provincial employment law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I sign the employer’s offer right away?

Before you sign any form given to you, regardless of what the employer calls it, understand that it is a contract and is likely stating you do not hold the company liable for terminating you. It is a good idea to seek the advice of a lawyer first.

What if I was terminated for cause?

Employers may use termination for cause as an attempt to avoid paying severance. In many cases, those just cause dismissals are not legitimate, and full severance pay is still owed.

What if there is a deadline on accepting the offer?

Severance offer deadlines are often a pressure tactic to make you accept a poor offer. If your employer has imposed a deadline on a severance package offer, speak with a lawyer because your best course of action may be to ignore it.

How is severance calculated?

It depends on the employment contract you signed when accepting the job. The contract may contain a termination clause that impacts the amount of severance you are owed upon termination.