Not-For-Profits and Charities

We work with small organizations and startups operating in a wide variety of sectors in the not-for-profit and charity space. We will look after your legal needs and act as your Counsel in setting you up.

Incorporate a Not-For-Profit

We incorporate and consult Not-For-Profits across Canada. A not-for-profit corporation is a legal entity separate from its members and directors formed for purposes other than generating a profit to be distributed to its members, directors or officers. We will help you set up your not-for-profit and prepare your minute book.

Register a Canadian Charity

A registered charity refers to a charitable organization, public foundation, or private foundation registered with the CRA. Amongst other benefits, a registered charity is exempt from paying income tax, and can issue tax receipts for donations it receives.

We register and consult Charities in Canada.

Standard Charity: This includes drafting Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, Minutes of First Meeting of Board of Directors, Corporate Records Book.

International Charity: If your Charity will operate abroad through intermediaries, we will draft added joint venture or agency agreements required by the Charities Directorate before registration of such a Charity.

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