Muthana Mohamed




Osgoode Hall, J.D.
Carleton University, B.A.


Canadian Bar Association
Ontario Bar Association


Muthana is a corporate lawyer who has worked extensively with start ups and small businesses, and is general counsel on corporate law matters in a variety of industries including technology, hospitality, real estate, and packaged goods. Having built experience in a number of start-up ventures, he knows what business owners and entrepreneurs are focused on and how to meet their needs effectively.

Muthana always knew he wanted to be a lawyer. Being the type of person who never takes “I don’t understand” for an answer, he leaned into a career that requires a comprehensive understanding of complex concepts, in a way that produces real results for clients and their businesses.

An avid techie by nature with a passion for new ideas, Muthana is committed to helping start-ups break barriers and carve out their own space in our new digital economy.